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1. The traffic warning light has good light transmittance, and the hemispherical design can better reflect the light source.
2. The traffic warning light's battery can be installed by rotating and disassembling, only two AAA batteries are needed.

Model Height size Material Package Weight
XP-ALTW9030 90mm 50*50*90mm ABS+LED Carton 30g
  • XP-ALTW9030 Traffic Warning Light XP-ALTW9030 Traffic Warning Light
    XP-ALTW9030 Traffic Warning Light

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Excellent product with exquisite craftsmanship

Taizhou Xipeng Traffic Facilities Co., LTD. was established in 2009 and has more than 10 years of experience in Traffic Warning Light products. Our company is located in Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, near the Shanghai and Ningbo Port which provide a convenient transportation for cargo delivery. And there are independent production workshops for each kind of product, providing productivity guarantee, with 24-hour online staff, to provide you with all day professional services. As one of the professional Traffic Warning Light Suppliers and Custom Traffic Warning Light Factory in China, Xipeng offers Wholesale Traffic Warning Light for sale at cheap price. Our products mainly involve transportation, industry, construction and other related fields. Our factory has complete facilities and complete functions, which is very suitable for mass production. And we have a dedicated R&D team that can produce products according to the drawings provided by customers. Looking forward to bringing you satisfactory products and services.
In the past ten years, we have been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation to produce products which adapt to the evolving domestic and foreign markets. Through unremitting efforts, we have continuously introduced new products to the market. In addition, we will never stop the pace to become the brand leader of traffic safety facilities. Our Traffic Warning Light products mainly involve traffic, industry, construction and other related fields. Themain products are: traffic cones, rubber speed bumps, corner guards, crowd control stanchion, warning posts, road studs, water filled barriers, anti-collision barrels, warning sign board, caution wet floor signs, wheel stoppers and other traffic safety facilities. Adhering the principle "quality is the life of the enterprise, service is the source of wealth", Taizhou Xipeng Traffic Facilities Co., LTD. is committed to the cause of human safety and strive to become the traffic safety facilities supplier of global customers. Xipeng Traffic Facilities Co., LTD. look forward to cooperating with you and bring you satisfied products and service.
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Traffic Warning Light Industry Knowledge Extension

What's so special about Traffic Warning Light?
Traffic Warning Lights are important tools for controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring safety, and reducing the likelihood of accidents. Here are a few key features that make Traffic Warning Light special:
Synchronization: Traffic Warning Lights are often synchronized with one another, allowing for the efficient flow of traffic and reducing congestion.
Automated: Traffic Warning Lights are usually automated and controlled by a computer system that can adjust the timing based on factors such as traffic flow and pedestrian volume.
Visibility: Traffic Warning Lights are designed to be highly visible, with bright, easily recognizable colors (red, yellow, and green) and a clear, prominent location.
Uniformity: Traffic Warning Lights are standardized, with the same colors and patterns used globally, making them easy for drivers and pedestrians to understand and follow.
Integration with other systems: Traffic Warning Light can be integrated with other systems, such as pedestrian crossing signals, vehicle detectors, and intelligent transportation systems, to provide real-time information and optimize traffic flow.
Where can traffic warning lights be used?
Traffic warning lights are used in a variety of applications to improve road safety and visibility in emergency situations. Some common uses of traffic warning lights include:
Emergency vehicles: Traffic warning lights are used on emergency vehicles, such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances, to indicate that they are responding to an emergency and have priority on the road.
Road construction: Traffic warning lights are used at road construction sites to mark off hazardous areas and to make workers and their equipment more visible to drivers.
Hazardous materials transport: Traffic warning lights are used on vehicles transporting hazardous materials to indicate the presence of a potentially dangerous load.
School buses: School buses are often equipped with traffic warning lights to indicate when children are boarding or leaving the bus, and to alert drivers to be extra cautious.
Road closures: Traffic warning lights are used to mark off road closures and detours, directing drivers around hazardous areas or construction zones.
Snow plows: Snow plows and other winter maintenance vehicles often use traffic warning lights to make them more visible to other drivers in snowy or inclement weather conditions.
Industrial facilities: Traffic warning lights are used in industrial facilities to mark off hazardous areas, such as around storage tanks or electrical substations.

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