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Traffic road safety products are products that are used to improve the safety of roads and highways. These products can include things like traffic cones, reflective road markings, guardrails, traffic signals, and road signs. They are used to help motorists navigate the road safely, and to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
As one of the professional China traffic road safety products manufacturers and OEM/ODM factory, we offer wholesale traffic road safety products for sale at a favorable factory price. Our products mainly include traffic cones, rubber speed bumps, corner guards, crowd control stanchions, warning posts, road studs, water-filled barriers, anti-collision barrels, warning sign boards, caution wet floor signs, wheel stoppers and other traffic safety facilities. We have over 10 years of traffic road safety products, and exquisite workmanship to create excellent products.
  • Traffic Cone

    A traffic cone, also known as a road cone or construction cone, is a cone-shaped marker used to temporarily redirect traffic or mark areas of construction or other obstruction. Traffic cones are typically made of plastic or rubber and are used on roads, in parking lots, and at construction sites to ...
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  • Traffic Warning Light

    1. The traffic warning light has good light transmittance, and the hemispherical design can better reflect the light source. 2. The traffic warning light's battery can be installed by rotating and disassembling, only two AAA batteries are needed. Model Height size Material Package Weight XP-ALT...
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  • LED Warning Traffic Baton

    1. Wide Use: our hand-held led warning traffic baton with ultra-bright light, can be an indicator when parking or any other traffic command. 2. The led warning traffic baton is also can use for traffic controls, emergency alerts, parking guides, construction crews, etc. 3. Good Visible: The led warn...
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  • Plastic Barrier Chain

    1. The plastic barrier chain links are made of durable high-density polyethylene material, lighter and more durable. 2. Our plastic barrier chain even if it is exposed to severe outdoor weather and wind and rain, it will not fade, corrode, or rust. 3. When you need to use a shorter size, you can cus...
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  • Traffic Cone Connect

    There are a few different ways that traffic cones can be connected or linked together. Traffic cone connectors are typically used in construction, maintenance, and other activities where temporary traffic control is necessary. 1. Durable color: special process to ensure durable color, not easy to fa...
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  • Cable Protector

    Cable protectors are an important safety device that helps to prevent accidents and damage to cables and cords. Cable protectors come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different applications, and can be used in a wide range of settings, including construction sites, warehouses, and events.1. ...
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  • Car Parking Stopper

    A car parking stopper, also known as a wheel stop or parking block, is a device that is used to prevent vehicles from overshooting a parking space or driveway. Car parking stoppers are commonly used in commercial and residential parking lots, as well as in driveways and garages, to ensure that vehi...
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  • Parking Lot Corner Guards

    1. Made of good rubber, good compression resistance, and a certain degree of softness, can effectively prevent the vehicle from being wiped when the vehicle impact. 2. Embedded bright yellow reflective material, in the lack of light or night can attract the attention of motorists, improve safety. 3....
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  • Safety Barricade Tape

    1. The safety barricade tape is weatherproof material to hold up in wet and windy areas. 2. Disposable safety barricade tape for easy cleanup for Halloween decorations and themed parties. 3. Bright yellow and black bold lettering safety barricade tape stand out in any environment. Model Height Ba...
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  • Crowd Control Stanchion

    A crowd control stanchion, also known as a queue barrier or a queue pole, is a device that is used to manage the flow of people in public areas. These devices are typically made of metal or plastic and consist of a vertical pole with a retractable belt or rope that is used to create a physical barr...
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  • Traffic Road Stud

    1.The traffic road stud is easy to overlap storage and does not take up too much space. 2. Traffic road stud with 2 reflective strips, the cone is very visible during the day or night. Even in fog, rain, snow or other harsh conditions, 360-degree visibility is a sign substitute. 3. The traffic road ...
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  • Safety Sign

    1. Hand-held design is convenient to carry, concave and convex hand-held design, easy to take, light weight, easy to carry. 2. Smooth, no burr, no harm to hands, fine workmanship, smooth edge cutting, no harm to hands. 3. Safety warning at a glance, screen printing, ink waterproof color, clear patte...
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  • Plastic Water Filled Barrier

    1. The plastic water-filled barrier has a firm black base and is easy to disassemble. 2. The plastic water-filled barrier can multiple fences can be connected by hooks. 3. We can post customized slogans on the plastic water-filled barrier according to customer needs. Model Base width size Color W...
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  • Warning Post

    A traffic delineator post is a device that is used to mark the edge of a roadway or to separate lanes of traffic. These devices are typically made of plastic or metal and are designed to be highly visible and durable. The traffic delineator post are commonly used on freeways, highways, and other hig...
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  • PC Convex Traffic Mirror

    A PC convex traffic mirror is a type of traffic control device that is used to improve visibility at intersections and other areas where the line of sight is limited. These mirrors are made of PC plastic, which is a strong and durable material that is resistant to impact and weathering.1. PC convex ...
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  • Speed Bump

    Speed bump is a raised section of roadway that is designed to slow down vehicles as they pass over it. They are used to reduce the speed of vehicles in areas where there is a high risk of accidents or where the speed limit needs to be strictly enforced. Speed bumps are usually found in residential a...
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  • Curb Ramp

    The driveway curb ramp is a slope or incline that is built at the edge of a driveway to allow vehicles to smoothly transition from the roadway to the driveway. Curb ramps are also used in commercial and public areas to provide accessibility for people with disabilities, as they make it easier for wh...
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  • Loading Dock Bumpers

    1. The loading dock bumpers with countersunk holes, it is easy to install on the poured cement foundation. Each molded rubber bottom bumper is of a one-piece design and will not warp, rust or become hard. 2. Molded rubber dock bumpers are suitable for any dock application with little traffic. 3. The...
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  • PVC Tactile Paving

    1. PVC tactile paving provide a distinctive surface pattern easily detected by a blind cane or underfoot to alert visually impaired pedestrians of approaching streets and hazardous surface. 2. Our PVC tactile paving adopts environmental PVC materials. 3. PVC tactile paving has anti-UV and Anti-Skid ...
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  • Wheel Chock

    Wheel chocks are an important safety feature that helps to prevent accidents and injuries by keeping vehicles stationary when they are not in use. Wheel chocks are commonly used in garages, car dealerships, and other locations where vehicles need to be secured in place. They are also used in transp...
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  • Reflective Guardrail Delineator

    1. Reflective guardrail delineator is a kind of traffic safety facility, which is set along the edge of the road, displaying the contour of the road and guiding the normal running of the vehicle. 2. The reflective guardrail delineator has a reverse reflection performance. Especially on the highways ...
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  • Forklift Solid Tire

    A solid forklift tire is a type of tire that is used on forklifts and other industrial vehicles. It is made of solid rubber or rubber-like material and does not have an air chamber or inner tube like a pneumatic tire. Solid forklift tires are known for their durability and long service life, as they...
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  • Wall Mounted Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers

    1. Crowd Control With A Small Footprint: fixed wall-mounted crowd control retractable belt barriers promote safety and organization while eliminating the need for traditional stanchions in places. 2. Durable: Sturdy yet flexible wall mounted crowd control retractable belt barriers works in any and a...
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  • Crash Resistance Lane Separator

    1. The crash resistance lane separator has a multi-layer lattice base, four-hole installation, stable and firm. 2. Our crash resistance lane separator one-time injection molding, good resilience and wear resistance. 3. Crash resistance lane separator has high-brightness lattice reflective film, and ...
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