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1.The traffic road stud is easy to overlap storage and does not take up too much space.
2. Traffic road stud with 2 reflective strips, the cone is very visible during the day or night. Even in fog, rain, snow or other harsh conditions, 360-degree visibility is a sign substitute.
3. The traffic road stud has large square base increases stability, firmly grips the ground, and will not be easily blown over.

Model Size Material LED Color Weight
XP-SARS1702 120*105mm Aluminum Sliver/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green 380g
XP-ARS9995 99*99*20mm ABS White/Yellow 95g
XP-ARS1080 100*100*20mm ABS White/Yellow 80g
XP-SARS1701 105*105*23mm Aluminum Sliver/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green 300g
XP-ARS1701 100*100*20mm Aluminum Silver/Yellow 210g
XP-ARS1702 100*100*20mm Aluminum Sliver+Yellow 220g
XP-ARS1020 100*100*20mm ABS White/Yellow 120g
XP-ARS9319 93*93*18mm Aluminum White&Yellow/Customized 190g
XP-ARS1012 101*101*20mm ABS White/Yellow 120g
  • XP-ARS1701 Traffic Road Stud XP-ARS1701 Traffic Road Stud
    XP-ARS1701 Traffic Road Stud
  • XP-ARS1012 Traffic Road Stud XP-ARS1012 Traffic Road Stud
    XP-ARS1012 Traffic Road Stud
  • XP-ARS1020 Traffic Road Stud XP-ARS1020 Traffic Road Stud
    XP-ARS1020 Traffic Road Stud
  • XP-ARS1080 Traffic Road Stud XP-ARS1080 Traffic Road Stud
    XP-ARS1080 Traffic Road Stud
  • XP-ARS9995 Traffic Road Stud XP-ARS9995 Traffic Road Stud
    XP-ARS9995 Traffic Road Stud
  • XP-SARS1701 Traffic Road Stud XP-SARS1701 Traffic Road Stud
    XP-SARS1701 Traffic Road Stud

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Excellent product with exquisite craftsmanship

Taizhou Xipeng Traffic Facilities Co., LTD. was established in 2009 and has more than 10 years of experience in Traffic Road Stud products. Our company is located in Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, near the Shanghai and Ningbo Port which provide a convenient transportation for cargo delivery. And there are independent production workshops for each kind of product, providing productivity guarantee, with 24-hour online staff, to provide you with all day professional services. As one of the professional Traffic Road Stud Suppliers and Custom Traffic Road Stud Factory in China, Xipeng offers Wholesale Traffic Road Stud for sale at cheap price. Our products mainly involve transportation, industry, construction and other related fields. Our factory has complete facilities and complete functions, which is very suitable for mass production. And we have a dedicated R&D team that can produce products according to the drawings provided by customers. Looking forward to bringing you satisfactory products and services.
In the past ten years, we have been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation to produce products which adapt to the evolving domestic and foreign markets. Through unremitting efforts, we have continuously introduced new products to the market. In addition, we will never stop the pace to become the brand leader of traffic safety facilities. Our Traffic Road Stud products mainly involve traffic, industry, construction and other related fields. Themain products are: traffic cones, rubber speed bumps, corner guards, crowd control stanchion, warning posts, road studs, water filled barriers, anti-collision barrels, warning sign board, caution wet floor signs, wheel stoppers and other traffic safety facilities. Adhering the principle "quality is the life of the enterprise, service is the source of wealth", Taizhou Xipeng Traffic Facilities Co., LTD. is committed to the cause of human safety and strive to become the traffic safety facilities supplier of global customers. Xipeng Traffic Facilities Co., LTD. look forward to cooperating with you and bring you satisfied products and service.
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Traffic Road Stud Industry Knowledge Extension

How does Traffic Road Stud work?
Traffic road studs work by reflecting light back towards the driver, increasing visibility on the road. They are designed to be highly reflective, using materials such as glass beads or prisms that reflect light from a vehicle's headlights back towards the driver. This helps drivers to see the road ahead more clearly, especially in low-light conditions such as nighttime or in inclement weather.
The studs are installed on the road surface and have a flat base to keep them firmly in place. They are typically made of durable materials that can withstand the weight of vehicles passing over them and the elements of weather. When a vehicle's headlights shine on the studs, the reflective material on the studs reflects the light back towards the driver, making them highly visible from a distance. This helps drivers to stay on the correct path, avoid obstacles, and stay safer on the road.
Where does Traffic Road Stud apply?
1. Traffic road studs are typically used to enhance road safety and improve visibility in various conditions, including:
2. On roads with low visibility, such as in foggy or misty weather.
3. On motorways, highways, and expressways to guide drivers and improve lane discipline.
4. On roundabouts and intersections to improve navigation and reduce accidents.
5. On approach to bridges and tunnels to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.
6. On pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes to increase visibility and enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
7. On roadways with sharp curves and bends to improve visibility and guide drivers.
These are some common applications of traffic road studs, but they may also be used in other applications to improve road safety and visibility. It's important to follow local traffic and safety regulations when installing road studs.
Is Traffic Road Stud easy to use?
Traffic road studs are generally considered to be easy to use, as they do not require any complex installation or maintenance procedures. However, the ease of use may depend on the specific type of road stud and the installation method.
For example, some road studs are self-adhesive and can be installed simply by peeling off the backing and pressing the stud onto the road surface. Other road studs may require the use of an adhesive or screws for installation.
In terms of maintenance, some road studs are designed to be low-maintenance and require only occasional cleaning to maintain their effectiveness. Illuminated road studs may require regular checking and replacement of batteries or power supplies.
Overall, traffic road studs can be considered easy to use when they are installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and local traffic and safety regulations.

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